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04 May 2011


In the process of refurbishing my vintage Thorens, I found out  that  the  vinyl section - though part of the DIY HiFi -  is rather a specific stream  of  training ground. It involved mechanical (motor, platter) electronic (analog signals conversion through cartridge) and accoustics (rumble of motor , platter)

Something different and challenging  to me used to the electronic scope (amplifiers, CDP) only 


I therefor created this new home-page as my archive to record  what I have done  with my vintage Thorens TD150.  I hope to share some of it to would-be DIY'ers , upgrading or refurbishing their TD150 in particular.


Hope you like the pictures...........


 18 April 2012

This page has now become the continuation of    www.Komkris4000.




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